What is life?

Since the 13th of March, MIAPbP has shifted its gaze away from telescopes and colliders, and onto the processes that govern the ability of organisms to grow, divide, and evolve – in short: to live. For two weeks, as part of this year's biophysics program "Engineering Life: Unifying Concepts from Chemistry, Biophysics and Theoretical Physics", MIAPbP participants will try to answer the question "What is life?" and work on how to engineer living things. We wish all participants a pleasant stay in the Munich area.

"Engineering Life" will continue until the 24th of March. After that, MIAPbP is going to take a two-week-break, including the Easter holidays. By midth of April, we are looking forward to welcome computational physicists and other experts as part of the exciting program "Quantum Computing Methods for High Energy Physcis".

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The MIAPbP Team