About MIAPbP

The Munich Institute for Astro-, Particle and BioPhysics (MIAPbP) is a center for scientific exchange. It hosts several topical programs in astrophysics, cosmology, nuclear, particle and bio physics per year.

Time to focus on science

MIAPbP programs contrast from ordinary conferences in terms of length, interaction and time to work. A MIAPbP program lasts four weeks. It is organized by a group of scientists renowned for the topic of the program. Programs feature topics in astro-, particle, nuclear and biophysics and connected disciplines.

Promoting out-of-the-box thinking

The schedule typically consists of regular seminars, but leaves much time for collaborations and discussions between the participants in a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Every participant is provided with a fully equipped office space in the MIAPbP building or the adjacent Cluster building. With this setup MIAPbP creates a creative environment, where participants can present their own work, discuss new aspects and work on scientific questions while being away from their daily commitments. Key to the success of this concept is that all participants stay for an extended period of time, i.e. at least two weeks. The Garching Research Campus with its numerous research institutions as well as its proximity to the city of Munich and the Bavarian Alps offers an inspiring environment.

Facts about MIAPbP programs

  • Each program lasts four weeks
  • A minimum stay of two weeks is required
  • Approx. 60-70 participants per program (45 at any given time)
  • Typically 1-2 seminars/day or perhaps only a few per week 
  • Plenty of time for collaborative work
  • Social events to promote networking and collaborations

  • Coordinated by three to five coordinators (experts in the field of the program focus)
  • Coordinators outline the details of the program and choose the participants for the program
  • Administrative organization by the MIAPbP team
  • Every participant receives office space and stationery
  • External researchers receive financial support  to participate in the programs

MIAPbP is an initiative of the Excellence Cluster ORIGINS and is embedded in the academic environment of the physics departments of both Munich universities, the local Max Planck Institutes and the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It is located at Garching Research Campus.

For more information regarding previous programs please see MIAPP reports 2014-2015 & 2016-2017 (hardcopies available upon request)