EFT and Multi-Loop Methods for Advancing Precision in Collider and Gravitational Wave Physics

7 - 31 October 2024

Robert Szafron, Martin Beneke, Peter Marquard, Pier Monni, Mikhail Solon, Mao Zeng

Effective field theory (EFT) is a powerful tool for describing the physics of systems at different energy scales. In the context of colliders and gravitational waves, EFTs together with multi-loop precision computation techniques play an essential role in creating precise theoretical predictions that can be compared with empirical data. Recently it has become evident that similar methods and computational tools can be successfully applied to the seemingly different fields of collider and gravitational wave physics. This workshop will bring together experts to discuss the latest developments in theory and phenomenology. Topics will include:

  • Resummation for the LHC: precision frontier, new structures, and jet processes;
  • EFT tools for fixed order calculations;
  • Factorization theorems at leading and subleading power;
  • EFTs and expansions for gravitational wave astronomy;
  • Scattering amplitudes in the classical regime;
  • Multi-loop integrals for gravitational physics.

The program will provide a platform for exchanging ideas, devising new strategies to tackle conceptual obstacles, and fostering collaborations among experts on different aspects of EFTs and perturbative computations in quantum field theory.