The Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution

14 - 18 November 2022

Giacomo Beccari, Henri M.J. Boffin, Selma de Mink, Sylvia Ekström, Jan Eldridge, Michela Mapelli, Antoine Mérand

As a follow-up of the very successful ImBaSE 2017 workshop, we aim at taking again stock, five years later, on the Impact of Binaries on Stellar Evolution. During five days, we aim at bringing together observers and theoreticians, working on different areas of stellar evolution and binary stars. The workshop will consist of a set of review talks and ample time for contributed talks and discussion, as well as posters. We want to cover all kind of binary interactions that alter the structure and evolution of both stars in the system and that will, in turn, lead to the production of exotic objects whose existence cannot be explained by the standard stellar evolution models. A non-exhaustive list of such systems includes algols, blue and yellow stragglers, and other chemically peculiar stars, planetary nebulae, intermediate luminous transients, supernovae, gamma-ray bursts, and gravitational wave progenitors.

Registration and further information:

Please note that the number of seats to attend in person is limited and preference will be given to speakers of the Workshop and to participants of the MIAPbP Program "The Fundamental Role of Stellar Multiplicity in Stellar Dynamics and Evolution".

If you are invited for week 3 of the MIAPbP Program, you are automatically registered for the Topical Workshop and abstracts can be submitted here without registering via indico.