Stellar magnetic fields from protostars to supernovae

09 October - 03 November 2023

Stefano Bagnulo, Lilia Ferrario, Aline Vidotto, Gregg A. Wade, Klaus Dolag

Magnetic fields are a consequence of the dynamic plasmas forming almost all astrophysical systems, especially stars, where they represent one of the basic ingredients within recipes describing the structure at all evolutionary stages. In the last twenty years, spectropolarimetric observations obtained with new instruments attached to mid- and large-sized telescopes have led to the discovery of magnetic fields in stars in practically all regions of the Hertzsprung-Russell diagram, providing previously unavailable constraints on the effects of the magnetic field on stellar atmospheres, on star-planet interaction, on rotation, and mass loss through stellar winds. Modelling efforts and theoretical understanding are at risk of falling behind the enormous pace of observational progress. This meeting will help to establish priorities and recommend future observational, theoretical, and engineering efforts, and to prepare the astronomical community to understand the enormous amount of data that will continue to flow from the astronomical facilities.