The Extragalactic Distance Scale

26 May - 20 June 2014

Lucas Macri, Wolfgang Gieren, Wolfgang Hillebrandt, Rolf Kudritzki

The workshop will bring together experts in the theory and observation of different methods used in the Extragalactic Distance Scale, to discuss current research activities and prospects for a 1% determination of H0 within ten years.

The workshop will focus on:

  1. the absolute calibration of primary and secondary distance indicators (including Cepheids, TRGB, RR Lyrae, blue supergiants, SNe Ia, surface brightness fluctuations, the Tully-Fisher relation and the fundamental plane);
  2. theoretical advances in the modeling of distance indicators;
  3. alternative routes to H0 (such as BAO, lens time delays, and megamasers in the Hubble flow);
  4. the synergy between direct determinations of H0 and observations of the CMB and high-redshift SNe for the determination of cosmological parameters.