Neutrinos in Astro- and Particle Physics

30 June - 25 July 2014

Stefan Schönert, Georg Raffelt, Alexei Smirnov, Thierry Lasserre

The community vigorously moves towards new experimental infrastructures to resolve outstanding key questions in neutrino astro- and particle physics, notably the neutrino mass hierarchy, the octant of Θ23, leptonic CP-violation, neutrino-less double beta decay and sterile neutrinos. Large new underground detectors and neutrino-telescope extensions would not only allow to study those intrinsic neutrino particle properties, but also to observe neutrinos from galactic super novae, from the sun and the Earth.

The realization of the next generation large scale experiments for neutrino astro- and particle physics requires close cooperation beyond the boundaries of current collaborations and needs comprehensive exchange between theorists and experimentalists. The workshop will interface researchers from different branches of astroparticle physics with the goal of preparing the next generation large-scale experiments for neutrino physics and discussing the related theoretical and experimental aspects.