Dark Matter: Astrophysical probes, Laboratory tests, and Theory aspects (DARK MALT 2015)

2 - 27 February 2015

Alejandro Ibarra, Jean-Come Lanfranchi, Josef Pradler, Carsten Rott, Jochen Schieck

Week 1 open
Date Time Speaker & Title
Mon 2.2. 11:30 Riccardo Catena
"Dark matter-nucleon effective interactions"
Tue 3.2. 11:30 Jose Cembranos
"Dark Advances at UCM"
Wed 4.2. 11:30 Chris Kouvaris
"Compact Stars &Dark Matter"
Thu 5.2. 11:30 David Salek
"On the way to the Dark Matter Simplified Models for Run-2"
Fri 6.2. 11:30 Paolo Panci
"New Directions in Direct DM Searches"
Week 2 open
Date Title Sessions
Mon 9.2. 11:30 Felix Kahlhöfer
"Flavour constraints on pseudoscalar mediators"
Tue 10.2. 11:30 Ian Shoemaker
"Nu-Dark Forces: From Dwarf Galaxies to IceCube"
  14:30 Mini-workshop and discussion:
"Status of indirect dark matter searches and
the dark matter mass of the milky way"

Carsten Rott

Lanjan Raha
"Minimum Dark Matter Halo Mass from Indirect Detection"
Wed 11.2. 11:30 Javier Redondo
"Aspects of Ultra-light dark matter candidates"
  14:30 Mini-Workshop:
Light on the Dark Mediator
Jochen Schieck

Andreas Goudelis
"Dark Mediators in the Standard Model"

Felix Kahlhoefer
"Heavy Mediators at the LHC"

Sebastian Wild
"Coloured Mediators"

Brian Shuve
"Searching for light mediators"

Ian Shoemaker
"Very light mediators and cosmology"
Thu 12.2. 11:30 Mathias Garny
"Majorana dark matter with t-channel mediators"
  14:30 open presentation / discussion forum
Carsten Rott

Thomas Lacroix
"A Dark Matter spike in M87"

Takashi Toma
"Septet Dark Matter and Neutrino Masses"

Debtosh Chowdhury
"Degenerate MSSM: muon (g-2) Dark Matter"

Ranjan Laha
"Direct Detection of Dark Matter in Universal Bound States"
Fri 13.2. 11:30 Brian Shuve
"Sterile Neutrino Dark Matter and New Light Mediators"
Week 3 open
Date Title Sessions
Mon 16.2. 11:30 Caterina Doglioni
"Seeking discoveries with jets at the LHC"
Tue 17.2. 11:30 Jens Chluba
"CMB spectral distortions and Dark Matter Constraints"
  14:30 Mini workshop postponed to Wed., 18.02.

14:30 - meet at the entrance
explore munich in the carnival season
Wed 18.2. 11:30 Francesco D'Eramo
"Connecting Energy Scales Probed by WIMP Searches"
  14:30 Workshop
Josef Pradler
"BBN: Comments on light mediators
and assumptions on the thermal history"

Torsten Bringmann
"Ultra-compact DM mini-halos"

Carmelo Evoli
"Unveiling the nature of Dark Matter in the LOFAR sky "

Jens Chluba
"More on spectral distortions"
Thu 19.2. 11:30 Koichi Hamaguchi
"SUSY Dark Matter (after Higgs discovery)”
  14:30 Mini Workshop on Sommerfeld enhanceme0nt

Pedro Ruiz Femenia
"Sommerfeld enhancement in the pair
annihilation of neutralinos and charginos: an EFT approach"

Camilo Garcia Cely
"Sommerfeld Enhancement in the
Inert Doublet Model "

Pyungwon Ko
"Beyond DM EFT: Higgs portal DMs
as examples"
Fri 20.2. 11:30 Matthias Danninger
"Recent Results from IceCube”
  14:00 Mini Workshop
DM and Neutrinos

Sebastian Wild
"Sensitivity of neutrino telescopes
to solar dark matter annihilations into light quarks,
electrons and muons”

Sergio Palomares-Ruiz
"Detecting WIMPs with MeV neutrinos from the sun"

Carsten Rott
"EFT and IceCube results”

Arman Esmaili
"Interpreting the IceCube events by PeV-scale decaying DM"

Basudeb Dasgupta
"Improved Dark Matter Clustering: With or Without Nu”

Achim Gutlein
"Impact of neutrinos on direct dark matter searches”
Week 4 open
Date Title Sessions
Mon 23.2. 11:30 Hyun Min Lee
"SUSY Higgs portal & X-ray lines”
Tue 24.2. 11:30 Christoph Weniger
"The Fermi GeV excess: Signal or Background for DM searches?”
  14:30 "collider mini-workshop”
collider results: Part I: Comparison of collider and DD/ID results

Caterina Doglioni
"Current options for collider/DD/ID plots"

Francesco D'Eramo
"Connecting energy scales of Collider/DD/ID"

collider results: Part II: Dijet and dilepton constraints on DM

Caterina Doglioni
"ATLAS dijet results"

Suchita Kulkarni
"Reinterpretation tools"
Wed 25.2. 11:30 Raimund Strauss
"CRESST - Dark Matter Searches from
an experimental point of view”
  14:30 Session: Indirect DM searches with charged cosmic rays

Torsten Bringmann
"Cosmic Ray Positrons from Dark Matter”

Anna Lamperstorfer
"Even more news on positrons"

Carmelo D'Evoli
"CR antiproton constraints on WIMPs in our Galaxy”
Thu 26.2. 11:30 Torsten Bringmann
"Dark Matter with Long-Range Interactions”
Fri 27.2. 11:30 Pyungwon Ko
"Gauge Models for Light Mediators”