The Many Faces of Neutron Stars

24 August - 18 September 2015

Werner Becker, David Blaschke, Ed v.d. Heuvel, Michael Kramer, Nick Kylafis, Philipp Podsiadlowski, Joachim Trümper

This workshop will bring together observational astrophysicists, theoretical astrophysicists and nuclear physicists to develop an improved understanding of neutron-star astrophysics and physics.

The workshop will focus on four scientific topics:

  1. The birth and evolution of neutron stars
  2. The origin, evolution, and structure of neutron-star magnetic fields
  3. Fundamental physics with neutron stars
  4. The equation of state of matter at high densities

During the four week program the participants will review what has been learned about the subject and discuss with which methodes this knowledge has been obtained. They will identify the most important open questions in this area and think about which new tools, telescopes, observations or calculations could help to make progress in answering these questions.