Why is there more Matter than Antimatter in the Universe?

30 May - 24 June 2016

Michael J. Ramsey-Musolf, Björn Garbrecht, Stephan Huber, Jing Shu

The observed asymmetry between matter and anti-matter, quantified by the baryon-to-entropy ratio of order 10-10, is one of the key motivations for considering physics beyond the Standard Model (SM). Developing candidate mechanisms for baryogenesis, deriving predictions for the asymmetry and identifying possible experimental tests are intriguing challenges across the field of astroparticle physics, nuclear physics, and cosmology.

The goal of this programme is to advance our understanding of baryogenesis by bringing together researchers who are experts in models of physics beyond the SM, phenomenological signatures of these models, and theoretical methods needed to describe the relevant early Universe particle physics. The  programme will advance not only these research areas, but related areas going beyond the core questions of baryogenesis. It will stimulate future work on this topic and motivate and direct experimental efforts.