Flavour Physics with High-Luminosity Experiments

24 October - 18 November 2016

Stephan Paul, Marco Ciuchini, Bostjan Golob, Peter Krizan, Thomas Mannel

With the first dedicated B-factory experiments BaBar (USA) and BELLE (Japan) Flavour Physics has entered the phase of precision physics. LHCb (CERN) and the high luminosity extension of KEK-B together with the state of the art BELLE II detector will further push this precision frontier.

Progress in this field always relied on close cooperation between experiment and theory, as extraction of fundamental parameters often is very indirect. To extract the full physics information from existing and future data, this cooperation must be further intensified.

This MIAPP programme aims in particular to prepare for this task by joining experimentalists and theorists in the various relevant fields, with the goal to build the necessary tools in face of the challenge of new large data sets.

The programme will begin with a focus on physics with non-leptonic final states, continued by semileptonic B meson decays and Tau decays, and on various aspects of CP symmetry violation closer to the end. In addition,  in the final week of the programme a three day  workshop in the framework of the BELLE 2 Theory Interface Platform (B2TIP) is foreseen in order to finalize the Belle 2 White Paper. A more detailed programme will be announced at a later stage.

General questions to be addressed are

  • Which sensitivity can be reached for rare and decays forbidden in the Standard Model with data sets as large as tens of inverse attobarns?
  • How can theoretical uncertainties be further reduced to match the experimental precision?
  • How can observables be optimized to guarantee maximal sensitivity?
  • Can new analysis methods be defined which match to new theoretical ideas?
  • How can such a large data sample be used to refine theoretical input?
  • How can the complementarity among various experiments be used most efficiently?
  • How does precision flavour physics compare to other direct and indirect searches in view of New Physics and alike.