Dynamics of Large-Scale Structure Formation

1 - 26 July 2019

Mathias Garny, Roman Scoccimarro, Ariel Sánchez, Ravi Sheth, Risa Wechsler

This MIAPP programme will bring together experts working on the very active topic of large-scale structure (LSS) of the Universe, both in theory and observations. Improving our theoretical understanding of LSS is essential to fully exploit the information from the new large-volume galaxy surveys that will become available in the coming years, and make progress on fundamental open questions in cosmology (inflation and non-gaussianity, acceleration, neutrino masses, properties of dark matter).

An important objective of this programme is to stimulate exchange between the communities working on the theoretical description of LSS and on observational campaigns. Therefore, both theorists and observers are invited to participate throughout the programme, giving enough time to establish and strengthen specific collaborations. Finally, in recent years there has been a fruitful exchange also with high-energy physicists, and it has proven useful to apply techniques related to the renormalization group, effective theory, and statistical field theory. This programme aims to strengthen these connections and to make the theoretical tools most useful for the upcoming surveys.

Structure of the programme: on average one talk (45min+discussion) per day, ample time for common discussions and collaboration, shorter talks in the afternoon on topics of common interest can be organised spontaneously in addition, if desired.