Planet Formation: From Dust Coagulation to Final Orbit Assembly

01 - 26 June 2020 virtual and postponed to 07 June to 01 July 2022

Man Hoi Lee, Nader Haghighipour, Soko Matsumura, Hilke Schlichting

Week 1 open
Date Time Speakers & Titles
Tuesday, 2 June 16:30 CEST Opening talk by Doug Lin
“Dust, gas, and planetary embryos
during the emergence of super Earths and gas giants.“
Thursday, 4 June 16:30 CEST

Chris Ormel "Formation of TRAPPIST-1"

Week 3 open
Date Time Speakers & Titles
Tuesday, 16 June 16:30 CEST

Sergei Nayaskhin
"Emerging ALMA images of planet disruption"


Richard Booth
"Fingerprints of giant planets in the composition of solar twins”

Thursday, 16 June 16:30 CEST

Carsten Dominik
"Scattered light observations and the structure of planetforming disks"

Ted Bergin


Week 4 open
Date Time Speakers & Titles
Tuesday, 23 June 16:30 CEST

Farzana Meru
"Planet-disc interactions in self-gravitating discs"


Lucio Mayer
"Magnetized self-gravitating disks: a new turbulent magnetic dynamo, enhanced angular momentum transport, and implications for planet formation"

Thursday, 25 June 16:30 CEST Closing talk by Shigeru Ida
"Uranian Satellite Formation by Evolution of a Water Vapor Disk Generated by a Giant Impact"