Anticipating 14 TeV: Insights into Matter from the LHC and Beyond

29 June - 24 July 2015

Csaba Csaki, Lisa Randall, Michael Ratz, Andreas Weiler

This programme on physics beyond the Standard Model will focus on LHC physics and dark matter. We plan to bring together experts in model building and phenomenology and confront the theories with current experimental data from the LHC and other experiments, such as direct and indirect dark matter detection experiments, and discuss future searches. The programme includes a topical conference on the subject of "Anticipating discoveries: LHC14 and beyond" during the third week from July 13th to 15th.

Experts in the fields of physics beyond the Standard Model, LHC physics, and dark matter will discuss the expectations, possibilities and challenges from ongoing particle physics and dark matter experiments of the next few years. Emphasis will be placed on the LHC to be restarted in 2015 at a significantly higher energy, giving physicists a historical chance to discover new particles relevant for the quantum stabilization of the Higgs potential and to elucidate the mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking, and possibly the origin of flavor.

Another topic addressed at this workshop is a particle physics solution to the missing matter in the universe, which might manifest itself either at the LHC or at the ongoing direct-detection experiments for dark matter along with the many astrophysical experiments with potential relevance to this problem.


The programme is preceded by the programme "Indirect Searches for New Physics in the LHC and Flavour Precision Era" with a focus on the interplay of indirect and direct searches for physics beyond the Standard Model in low- and high-energy physics experiments. Consecutive participation in both programmes is possible and should be indicated in the registration form, if applicable.